Alcohol 52% Free Edition Free Download

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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version:
  • File Size: 726.48kB
  • Date Updated: APR-21-2015
  • Developer: Alcohol Soft

Alcohol 52% Free Edition is a tool that strays from the conventional, as it enables us to create virtual CD or DVD units. This means that it's not necessary to use any CD at all.

Its functioning is very simple. The programme enables you to create an image of the CD desires, then place the image on the virtual CD or DVD unit.

This way you won't have to waste your compact disks, risking damaging them.

In addition it support CD and DVD recording, with many options for error skips that could be on the disk surface.

In short, Alcohol 52% Free Edition is a software with incredible potential that optimizes the work and output of the system, without having to eject disks from a common CD drive.

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