SureThing CD Labeler 6 Free Download

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If you have an overwhelming collection of home-made CDs, surely they don’t have a cover or a back cover. This could create problems, because you won’t find what you want if the box doesn’t say anything.

If that’s the case, we introduce you to SureThing CD Labeler, an excellent application that helps you create the cover, back cover and labels for your CDs.

With SureThing CD Labeler, you’ll be able to create your own designs incorporating your images and drawings in a easy and funny way.

This application includes a truly comprehensive and easy to use graphical interface, where all will be much simpler than what you thought so and of what would be with other similar applications.

Get SureThing CD Labeler, and start sorting your CDs, from photographic galleries, family videos to applications and files.

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