WAP Proof 2008 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Shareware
  • Version: 2008
  • File Size: 2.58MB
  • Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

Many software developers, have spent time trying to make the line separating mobile devices and current computers thinner. And because of that currently, there are several computer applications that give services on mobile equipment and vice versa.

Well, WAP Proof is a clear example, because this excellent utility, offers the capability of testing Web pages through our mobile device in a simple and effective way.

It has to be pointed out, that to perform that function, the Web page has to be XHTML mobile 1.0 compatible so it can be watched, and this will only be possible through certain mobiles such as Motorola V3, Sagem MY-X5, Nokia 5100, Sony Ericsson T630, Alcatel One Touch 735, etc.

In conclusion, with WAP Proof you can verify the code of the site and look for mistakes that can be corrected.

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