DeskLook 3.2 Build 040518 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Adware
  • Version: 3.2 Build 040518
  • File Size: 1.10MB
  • Date Updated: OCT-09-2013
  • Developer: DeskLook 3.2 Build 040518

Many users are not happy with only having a nice wallpaper. Why having a wallpaper that is only decorative, if you can have one that is decorative and functional at the same time.

As is known, functional wallpapers are a new tendency in respect to mini tools for computers.

Well, DeskLook is a singular but not less effective utility that offers the capability of containing the most relevant and important mail client data utilised by the user.

Its operation is very simple and it has to be pointed out that it is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook.

Also, DeskLook has an extremely understandable and attractive graphical interface where we will be able to visualise all data and the most important announcements in the wallpaper of our computer.

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