Swarm Rampage 1.02 Free Download

free download
  • License type: TRIAL
  • Version: 1.02
  • File Size: 3.89MB
  • Date Updated: JUN-04-2014
  • Developer: Gate 5 Creations

A new strategy game is available for us. Its platform is similar to Command&Conquer, but this time, we will lead ant groups to conquer the backyard.

Our special weapons cannot be other that scorpions, spiders and worms, that will help us throughout the different missions. The armies are made up of 20 different units, each of them with special capacities, and we will fight in different scenarios, with changes in their level of difficulty and strength.

This is a really entertaining game that ensures many hours of fun, offering more than 60 levels for one player and 20 for the multiplayer mode.

Up to 6 players can play at the same time on a LAN game, making it an excellent option for playing with your friends.

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