Prey 0.5.9 Free Download

free download
  • License type: TRIAL
  • Version: 0.5.9
  • Date Updated: JUN-02-2014
  • Developer: Prey 0.5.9

As regards the stories developed by video games, there are endless and varying excuses, but a theme such as the one presented in Prey is undoubtedly unique.

If there is something to point out about this game, it is just how crazy and generous the social content of its theme is.

The story begins with Tommy, a Cherokee Indian who lives in an aboriginal reserve with his grandfather and his girlfriend. A reserve that the main character hates as much as their customs and/or traditions. The night he decides to suggest his girlfriend to escape somewhere else, they are kidnapped with his grandfather by an alien spaceship.

These aliens do not have good intentions for humanity, so Tommy’s mission, commanded by a player, will be to rescue his girlfriend and his grandfather, and, last but not least, save the world.

Among high-technology weapons, displacement portals and endless foes, the player will enter a frightening adventure full of action with an excellent graphical quality.

Necessary requirements:

- Microprocessor: 2000 Mhz.

- Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher.

- Video card: 64 MM or higher.

- DirectX 9.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- You can play the first five stages of the game in single player mode.

- In Multi player mode you can use two scenarios.

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