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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: foobillard-3.0-win32-2-bin
  • File Size: 1.55MB
  • Date Updated: AUG-01-2013
  • Developer: FooBillard foobillard-3.0-win32-2-bin

There are many billiards games played on the computer either through internet or in single player version, but they are few or scarce billiard simulators.

FooBillard is an excellent billiard simulator with high graphic quality, naturally obtained due to the use of OpenGL which allows us to visualize graphics in three dimensions.

The game is very simple especially for the one who has played billiards in other occasions. You control the movement by mouse which through left button can be visualized from different angles and central button controls the force and trigger the cue.

Another feature which we should keep in mind is that FooBillard has number of games such as billiard with 8 or 9 balls, English billiards, snooker, etc. It also offers tri dimensional option which you can enjoy if you have famous red and blue specks.

An unparalleled, free simulator which is open to public

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