DivX Radium Player 6.4.1 Free Download

free download

DivX is a very useful video format, due to the fact it comprises the size of the videos which are placed on the computer. But at the same time, it preserves major quality. DivX Radium Player is a programme designed to play this class of videos.

Even if DivX procedures are great, many times the players installed on the computer cannot play it, either because they do not support the format or because the codecs installed by the user are not recognised. DivX Radium Player solves this difficulty, since it includes its own filters, so it will not be necessary to resort to an external application.

DivX Radium Player uses as the basis the "DivX Player" application which guarantees the best image and sound quality in said format. At the same time, it uses the "DivX Player” interface which guarantees the user necessary handling and managing of its features to enjoy the best films on the PC.

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