Statgraphics Plus Professional 16.0.03 Free Download

free download

Statgraphics Plus Professional is a program which has been designed to view and analyse statistical series with a high level of complexity.

The program interface is very eye-catching and enables gaining access to all its options in a fast and easy way, by means of bottoms displayed on the task bar. The visual emulations of the magnitudes are highly detailed providing graphics with the best definition possible.

Statgraphics Plus Professional is made up of four modules: a Basic Module (for Quality Control and Experiment Design), a Multivariable Analysis Module, a Temporal Analysis Module and an Advanced Regression Module; each of them with a different but complementary function.

Statgraphics Plus Professional is a professional program by means of which the advanced users will be able to save much more time at work.

Latest Changes Introduced:

- Substantial improvement introduced for all modules.

- New options and analysis tools.

- Visual enhancement.

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