Sticky Password 5.0 Free Download

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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 5.0
  • Date Updated: MAY-08-2015
  • Developer: Sticky Password 5.0

If you are the kind of person that prefers to prevent problems rather than fix them, the following application is a necessary tool for prevention.

Sticky Password is a powerful utility that lets you save all of your passwords securely, it also lets you check them whenever necessary without running the risk of forgetting them when they start to add up.

It is simple to use, and has a graphic interface that presents no problems when making the backups that are to be stored in an encrypted database for better protection.

Quite simply, if you want to avoid losing your passwords, and resorting to those programs that recover them through a long deciphering process, Sticky Password is the perfect tool.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- Active for 30 days.

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