KeePass Password Safe 2.32 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 2.32
  • Date Updated: MAR-09-2016
  • Developer: Dominik Reichl

KeePass Password Safe is a great tool that memorises the users’ names and passwords used in any program or Web page, saving them under extreme protection measures.

The IT safety that programs and Web sites aims at makes them constantly resort to their products’ registration, to avoid strangers from taking advantage of using the web page, the program or the users’ personal data.

With KeePass Password Safe is no longer necessary to accumulate papers with your written data, or text document with the information: the program saves passwords, and enters them whenever it is necessary. At the same time, it protects them by using an encryption system, which has a lightweight access program created by this utility and (of course) a password.

Now it will only be necessary to remember one password: the KeePass Password Safe password, for this program will remember the others.

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