mIRC 7.32 Free Download

free download
  • License type: TRIAL
  • Version: 7.32
  • Date Updated: MAR-28-2016
  • Developer: mIRC Co. Ltd

With mIRC you can “have thousands of live conversations with any person in the world. You can meet people in the chat and exchange interests and impressions.”

mIRC is the most enjoyable way to “make friends,” and plenty of them, bearing in mind the vast popularity of this chat which has been operating since 1991.

In mIRC you can “share all kind of information with the people, and talk about the topics you are most interested in,! Even “talk ti relatives” in other parts of the world, saving telephone expenses. However, we must point out that not every single person makes proper use of mIRC, and that there’s many people who can get to say nasty things, therefore it is advisable for all those kids who want to enjoy themselves making new friends to use it in the company of an adult.

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