Mozilla Thunderbird 38.6.0 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 38.6.0
  • Date Updated: MAR-14-2016
  • Developer: Mozilla

Once again, Mozilla has come to surprise us. This time, it provides us with the opportunity to have an email client totally for free.

This platform is totally compatible with Mozilla Firefox and, as we can verify on its graphical interface, one of its key features consists in the fact that it gets rid of advertising and spam, same as the browser by that name does.

This excellent application promises much more security than any other email client and with the same benefits, in some cases even improved. Among many of their options, the following are worth mentioning:

- POP, HTML, IMAP, Tags, etc. support

- An Intelligent email address book.

- Message filters.

- Anti Spams filters.

- Speed improvements for text searches.

- Import options.

On its last version, Mozilla Thunderbird has improved its graphical environment to optimise resources, speed processes and enable the user a greater speed without disregarding that characteristic security trait Mozilla products have to offer.

In conclusion, you will get a public and free software with the necessary and/or improved functions a high security email client boasts.

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