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  • License type: Freeware
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  • Date Updated: SEP-06-2016
  • Developer: Skype.

Be part of the revolutionary way of communication that Skype proposes. It is a program that allows you to communicate with any person of the world over your own computer.

With this powerful software you have the possibility of establishing calls as if you were using a phone. The difference with Skype is that it does not use a pair of copper to establish the connection, but it uses Internet so that you can speak for free with another user of the application. Also, it offers a paid service that allows you to hold conversations with land lines and mobile phones, to any destination of the world and at a really low rate.

In addition to the mentioned advantages, you have the opportunity to make video calls (with a webcam and a microphone) and of using the platform as a traditional instant messaging service.

Stay in touch with the persons that you are interested in, make use Skype.

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