Norman Malware Cleaner 2.08.08 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 2.08.08
  • Date Updated: NOV-06-2014
  • Developer: Norman

Currently, it is not enough to have a powerful antivirus to protect your computer from the uncountable malicious applications that circulate through the Internet day by day. Because of that, you must always have the classic plan B for when things go wrong.

Norman Malware Cleaner is synonymous with plan B, because if your antivirus was not able to stop some malware you can be sure that this application will do it.

To the more specific, Norman Malware Cleaner will act when the computer is unavoidably infected, and will eliminate the problem with a few mouse clicks through an extremely solid and understandable graphical interface for the user.

In summary, Norman Malware Cleaner will be a godsend when the protection of the computer did not work.

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