TeamSpeak Client TS3 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: TS3
  • Date Updated: OCT-25-2013
  • Developer: TeamSpeak Systems GmbH.

TeamSpeak Client is the programme which will enable enjoying much more than those games online you will take part of. This application enables keeping conversations in real time between users of a same programme connected to a server.

To use TeamSpeak Client, you should connect to some free servers which offer the programme. But if you wish to optimise the working of this utility, you can create your own server which will be less saturated by other users.

The programme is very simple to configure, and allows optimising all these functions with some very simple clicks. You should just have a microphone and headphones (or speakers) to start using the programme.

Choose any game you may like: TeamSpeak Client will give you perfect communications and then it will never be necessary to do gym on your keyboard to tell your team partners whatever you want to express.

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