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  • License type: Freeware
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  • File Size: 239.96kB
  • Date Updated: JUN-25-2014
  • Developer: iDeaS

For Nitendo DS console lovers, we now introduce an excellent emulator which can be used to play many titles compatible with the mentioned console.

IN case you don’t know, the original Nintendo DS has two touch-sensitive screens. iDeaS emulator imitates these two screens perfectly, as well as the touch-screen one.

Its functioning is very simple, since it's operated with the left-click on the mouse, and the keys Return/Enter, Shift, W, Q, S, X, Z, A for orientation.

Among the adapted titles for this emulator, we can find Trauma Centre, Age of Empires, Super Mario, etc.

An excellent proposal for those who have already tried Nintendo DS, as well as for those ones who don’t know it.

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