Adobe Flash Media Encoder Free Download

free download

Adobe Flash Media Encoder is a program which enables capturing and broadcasting of audio and video signals on a computer. This program has been thought out for those users which can easily broadcast any event they may wish to on the Internet.

The program captures images and sound and converts them to broadcast them preserving an excellent quality, thanks to the Flash Video Streaming (FVSS) and Flash Media Encoder (FME) services it makes use of.

Transmissions are safe and start automatically if the computer is restarted accidentally after a power failure. A very useful tool for all users who wish to share their events with thousands of people.

Necessary Requirements for Software Operation:

- 933 MHz. Intel or AMD processor.

- 256 MB RAM memory.

- Minimal screen resolution 1024x768 pixels.

- Video capturing devices compatible with Microsoft DirectShow.

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