Ultr@VNC (32 Bits) Free Download

free download

Ultr@VNC is a wonderful and powerful tool which offers the possibility of accessing remotely from one computer to another through the VNC protocol in a simple and comfortable way.

Just to make it clear, Ultr@VNC offers the opportunity to gain access to all the services of a computer through a network or through the Internet. Its operation is based on the client/ server method.

In this way, you can repair anybody’s computer without leaving your home or office. That is, we install the Ultr@VNC client in the computer you need to repair and through a server installed in your computer you can obtain access to it easily.

It has a simple a direct graphical interface, which will let you view all the desktop of the computer you need to repair, and the possibility of operating the mouse, keyboard and all the connected devices as if you were there.

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