Virtualsoft Baby Album Basic 2.12 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Adware
  • Version: 2.12
  • File Size: 12.90MB
  • Date Updated: NOV-06-2013

From time immemorial, when two people become parents they save every bit of history of their child, every souvenir, every photo, everything pertaining to this new life bringing prosperity and happiness.

So Virtualsoft Baby Album Basic is no more or less than a sweet tool for following the same tradition, enabling you to make an album with all the photos from the first moment of life forward.

Moreover, in addition to photos, you can integrate videos, sound, details, and information to create an album with all possible data, and so collect these precious memories.

It has a truly friendly and easy-to-understand graphical interface, where parents can configure and construct their album with many selections and design options.

Later the presentation can be converted to an executable object and saved on a CD, given as a gift.

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