Forgotten Mailbox Password 2 Free Download

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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 2
  • File Size: 581.99kB
  • Date Updated: AUG-19-2013
  • Developer: Forgotten Mailbox Password 2

There are loads of cases in which users lose and/or forget their email account passwords, and usually they never get them back, leaving no other choice than that of creating another account.

Forgotten Mailbox Password is an extremely useful tool, since it provides you with the capacity of retrieving those lost passwords in a very simple and effective way.

This powerful application provides support for email account with POP3 protocol, imitating an email server and this way obtaining the password which is automatically sent to the user.

If you happen to lose your password, or if you're sure you're going to lose it due to careless behaviour, Forgotten Mailbox Password is a must for your PC...just in case.

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