Remote Administrator Viewer 3.5 Free Download

free download

Remote Administrator Viewer is a powerful tool which has as its purpose, as the name suggests, remote managing of a computer. That is to say, it provides us with the possibility of gaining access to a certain computer through another remote one in order to obtain information, provide technical service, and solve problems and a carry out number of other operations.

One of its most interesting qualities resides in being able to view through a window, everything that is happening on the remote computer screen and not only that, it is also possible to manage the Mouse pointer as if you were present at the other computer to carry out any necessary tasks.

Also, it has a graphical interface which is very simple and easy to handle by any user.

The Remote Administrator Viewer is a tool which makes work more agile and/or optimises technical service work providing comfort and efficiency.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- It is functional for a 30-day period.

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