PPLive 2.6.1 Free Download

free download
  • License type: TRIAL
  • Version: 2.6.1
  • File Size: 11.35MB
  • Date Updated: OCT-09-2015
  • Developer: PPLive 2.6.1

PPLive is the program that will allow you watch TV channels from your PC.

The most special feature of PPLive is that it works with the popular Peer to Peer interchange system; this means that all the users who are connected and receiving a specific TV signal, they will be functioning as transmitters at the same time. It’s the same process as for file interchange.

The display of TV channels with PPLive is of high quality and with no interferences that could change its visualisation. Besides, this programs works by storing in the buffer the signal reception and then starts transmitting, which represents a reliable and safe way of operation for your equipment since it won't be exposed to any danger.

Download PPLive and get to watch your favourite programs in this singular way!.

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