LimeWire 5.5.16 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 5.5.16
  • File Size: 28.60MB
  • Date Updated: MAY-22-2015

Limewire is a P2P program that uses the famous Gnutella network, which allows the search, exchange and download of movies, music, videos, photos and documents. Basically, this software allows gaining access to the contents that other users of this tool have on the hard disk of their computers.

The transference mode of Limewire makes it possible for the firewall of the System not to interfere in the download of files to be shared. Also, it is in charge of resuming the transferences that were stopped for some reason. This characteristic results of great utility in cases in which an interruption of the Internet connection takes place.

This application also allows making downloads in a simultaneous way. Then, it is possible to download a big quantity of files at the same time.

Make use of the services of Limewire and obtain all the contents that you have always wanted.

Fundamental requirements for the functioning of the Software:

- Java 1.6 or later.

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