Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D 4.0 (Bing Maps 3D) Free Download

free download
  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 4.0 (Bing Maps 3D)
  • File Size: 1.18MB
  • Date Updated: SEP-08-2015
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Microsoft Virtual Earth Beta is a 3D application with which you can access anywhere in the world from your computer and see it in 3D .

Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D Beta is the version that Microsoft has launched and promises to be the greatest competition to Google Earth . The images have a high quality and emulate the reality very closely.

However to get the best 3D result 3D Microsoft Virtual Earth Beta recommends to use Internet Explorer 6 or 7 and have to have Windows as your computer's operating system .

The most striking feature of Microsoft Virtual Earth Beta is the ability to insert 3D advertising leaflets or images, which can become a really interesting opportunity for all those who want to promote themselves.

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