Tomb Raider: Legend Patch 1.2 Free Download

free download

Tomb Raider: Legend Patch is one of the first updates of your favourite action game with your favourite character, Lara Croft, as leader.

Thanks to this patch of Tomb Rider, we’ll be able to ""correct all errors we used to find, experience some improvement which will provide this fantastic game with a higher quality.

Tomb Raider: Legend Patch “solves the problems you had with your NVIDIA card; the sound problem disappears, and so do those ones within ATI Crossfire. The graphic lighting has been improved. On the other hand, a button has been added for Lara to walk, and another to control the photogram speed and to improve the PC performance while you play”.

Don’t miss this opportunity and update your favourite game with Tomb Raider: Legend Patch.

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