Drag Racer 3.01 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 3.01
  • File Size: 4.16MB
  • Date Updated: JUN-06-2014

Drag Racer is a car racing game which you can play in flash mode .

With Drag Racer you can buy a car and you have an opportunity to buy more as you like and then compete in a great race . As you keep competing and winning races you can go on accumulating money and buy things for improvement like getting the best racing car . There is a huge list of all kinds of parts for the car available.

Drag Racer is very easy to play . It is designed both for the convenience of playing from the Internet with Flash Player which will get you hooked for long hours, as well as easy controls to drive your car in the game which you can do with the help of direction arrows and the spacebar in the keyboard.

Create an account on the server itself and you can play the game with all those who are connected at the time.

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