Ares Lite Edition 1.8.1 Free Download

Ares Lite Edition is an exchange program for all kinds of files. This is derived from the well known Ares but is a lighter version .

The functions of Ares Lite are similar to the functions of Ares , share your files with all this P2P users who are connected to it, downloading from various sources and even being able to chat with them and exchange all kinds of comments. Similarly you will find a player where you can view all your files downloaded previously.

Ares Lite Edition can download any file: audio, video, photos, documents, etc. But this tries to use at least one CPU to avoid slowing down the operations of your computer . This version is recommended for users who have older operating systems or those that are running slowly.

It has a simple interface that lets you manage in the simplest way all searches and downloads.

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