Dr.Web Antivirus 6.0 (64 Bits) Free Download

free download

Dr.Web Antivirus is a powerful and effective antivirus which will keep your computer away from any threat which may affect your equipment.

Dr. Web Antivirus has a database capable of detecting and eliminating 26,000 viruses, and is updated every hour, so any next generation virus will give up due to the effectiveness and protection of this programme.

Dr. Web Antivirus has a very simple interface which makes it easier for you to operate. It is also the lowest resources consuming application you could ever imagine when checking both the memory and all the files of your computer system.

Don’t wait any longer to download this most complete antivirus tool which will keep you protected while cleaning every single infection your computer system may have. Don’t forget: Dr. Web Antivirus is what you were waiting for.

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