Tomb Raider: Anniversary Trailer 1 Free Download

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As expected, another issue of the popular Tomb Rider game comes out thanks to Cristal Dynamics. IN this opportunity, Lara Croft will have to look for an ancient device called Scion, which is closely monitored by scary guardians which would not doubt about destroying anything approaching the mythical object.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Trailer is a small hint that will allow us to watch some scenes in cinematographic quality, plus introducing other game features. In those scenes, some narrated thoughts by Lara Croft can be listened to, alluding the argument.

Besides, we’ll be able to check out a short action take in which our attractive and adventurous star will fight against 3 dinosaur specimens which are obviously shot to death.

All in all, seeing the trailer is enough to start craving the game.

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