MeGUI 1.0.2296 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 1.0.2296
  • File Size: 924.34kB
  • Date Updated: AUG-19-2013
  • Developer: MeGUI 1.0.2296

It is more than certain that you have dreamed many times about being able to make your favourite films have the characteristics that you prefer. You believe that this would take too long, since you have to find the exact audio and video coding, the corresponding format and certain other features.

Then, you should not overlook the work that MeGUI can do for you. With no kind of predetermined option or profile, the program counts with an important quantity of analysis tools, which are used to know the quality of your films, and make the necessary calculations to convert them.

As a result, with MeGUI you will be able to choose from different video format combinations (MPEG4, Snow, XviD and x264), and audio ones (MP3 and AAC), which can be mixed by using this program.

Although MeGUI makes the creation of videos easier, it is important to make it clear that it is not advisable for inexpert users to operate them. Even so, you can still consult the forums on the Internet for such purposes.

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