Flash To Video Encoder 5.7 Free Download

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  • License type: Shareware
  • Version: 5.7
  • File Size: 12.41MB
  • Date Updated: JUL-03-2013
  • Developer: Flash To Video Encoder 5.7

How many times have you laid hands on flash animations you wished you could save with your collections? Now, with Flash To Video Encoder you will be able to treasure such animations in video format, in such a way you will not just need the computer to enjoy them.

Flash To Video Encoder supports MPEG, AVI and WMV conversions in such a way it is impossible not to find a player with any of those. At the same time, should you wish to export them to an optimum format for portable devices you can also convert them to flash in MP4 in a most easy manner.

Besides that, Flash To Video Encoder admits the user’s intervention during conversion, which also enables transformation of interactive content.

Necessary Requirements for Software Operation:

- 128 MB RAM memory.

- 1 GB or more hard disk space.

- Adobe Flash (version 6 or higher) should be installed on the computer.

- DirectX 9.0 (or higher) should be installed on the computer.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- 10-day trial version.

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