TV-Browser 3.0 RC2 Free Download

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  • License type: Shareware
  • Version: 3.0 RC2
  • File Size: 5.83MB
  • Date Updated: JUL-03-2013
  • Developer: TV-Browser 3.0 RC2

If you have some free time, surely you use it to watch TV, and as it normally happens in these cases, you will not remember the programme timetable. This can be a little frustrating, because it could be possible that you will not find the programme that you want in your leisure time.

Well with TV-Browser you can know and programme what you will watch on TV, because this wonderful utility is nothing less than a huge digital guide of world TV programming.

With TV-Browser you will be able to know beforehand the scheduling and channels where your favourite programmes will be shown.

Also, TV-Browser has a preset channel list ordered by category that can be modified by adding or deleting channels in it.

In a few words, if you do not have enough with the weekly programming guide, TV-Browser is a very good alternative.

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