Windows Install Clean Up 5.5 Free Download

free download
  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 5.5
  • File Size: 351.23kB
  • Date Updated: FEB-03-2016
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Windows Install Clean Up is a tool which has been designed to manage the installation of applications which use Windows Installer. With this program, control on the programs and components installed on the computer will not be a secret any longer.

In certain occasions, a program is installed by some irregular means in the operating system, due to the fact that the correct options have not been chosen. With Windows Install Clean Up, this problem can be solved once and for all, since this utility is capable of correcting installation errors or eliminating installations from root to start them from scratch again.

It also provides the user with the possibility to eliminate installation records. No matter what action is undertaken with this program, it is necessary to recommend it to proceed with caution, for its innocent handling can provoke unwanted uninstallations or loss of vital information for the system.

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