Visual FoxPro Service Pack Service Pack 2 Free Download

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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: Service Pack 2
  • File Size: 34.79MB
  • Date Updated: JAN-28-2016
  • Developer: Visual FoxPro Service Pack Service Pack 2

Visual FoxPro is a utility which has been designed to provide programmers with a robust and flexible language to develop their products.

The application is programming language oriented to objects, designed to create databases. This program is compatible and admits information exchanges with SQL Server and XML hierarchical (and also XML, .Net Framework).

With Visual FoxPro, it is possible to have total control of the properties and attributes of the applications designed, enabling information exchange between databases of different origin and its subsequent conversion according to the needs to be developed.

All in all, this is about a flexible programming language for database building, for the creation of applications which require a high processing level, to the sole purpose of increasing productivity wherever that may be needed.

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